Anesthesia Awareness – Causes, Risk Factors, Prevention and More

3Who Is at Risk of Anesthesia Awareness and What Does Anesthesia Awareness Feel Like?

Several health issues and surgical procedures would increase the risk of anesthesia awareness. These include C-section or cesarean section, low blood pressure, serious trauma with blood loss, lung issues, and any condition that affects breathing. People who have to undergo cardiac surgery may be at a higher risk as well. Last but not least, anesthesia awareness is more likely to occur in people with past or current abuse of drugs or alcoholic drinks. [4]

What comes to your mind first when it comes to waking up during a surgical procedure? Perhaps you may sit up in the middle of the surgery and scream in panic at your doctor or nurse. Of course, this should never occur. A surgeon will never start until they are sure that you are completely sedated. They will measure some important physical signs and responsiveness to monitor the level of sedation during the procedure. For those who report their experience of anesthesia, they may have a feeling of helplessness, a recalling feeling of pain or pressure, trouble breathing, or memories of things or sounds said before. [5]

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