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Pork VS Beef – Which One Do You Prefer?


Quite frankly, almost everyone loves red meat. It’s only a pity that we’re forced off it with advancing age. The doctor suggests that there are several other sources of proteins, for example, legumes, nuts, and eggs, yet our minds can’t seem to forget to drift back towards red meat. Red meat is thought to be less healthy than other meat types due to the significant levels of saturated fats they carry. Saturated fat has a way to affect you adversely as time goes on. Not everyone cares about these things, but they are very important health tips to note. When it comes to red meat, people show their preferences depending on their culture, religion, or some other orientation. Globally, pork is consumed in higher quantities than beef, though America’s consumption is almost equal.

But what makes people prefer one to another? Which of them is healthier meat– pork or beef? Certainly, a lot of myths surround the selective preference for beef over pork. Some of these reasons are discussed shortly.