10 Healthy Lunch Ideas That Keep You Fit And Full

Your dietitian would have prescribed you to stick to a strict and inflexible diet regime. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. However, you might be forced to gobble up increasingly unsavory, albeit healthy, foods that would leave you dissatisfied.

Food, for all its sinful pleasures, is something that you should enjoy. Instead of binging on trashy foods or swallowing painfully insipid salads and soups, here are some hearty and equally healthy lunch ideas for you to try out everyday.

1A Tortilla Salad with Grilled Steak

The general consensus on Tex-Mex platters is that they are not as healthy as they look. However, a tortilla salad crammed with nutritious carbs and fibers becomes even zingier when you add a slim chunk of grilled steak with it.

Then, you have a healthy and tasty lunch platter loaded with a little of everything along with fat-free proteins. So, next time, don’t just munch on a tortilla. Make it into a salad like this.


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