Quinoa vs Rice – Which is More Nutritious?


The first question that comes to mind here is “What is Quinoa?” Rice enjoys more popularity than Quinoa, but I am not trying to say that I won’t define it too. I will, but that would be later on.  Quinoa is a herbaceous annual plant from the amaranth family which is grown for its edible seeds. Its seeds are known to be rich in proteins, vitamin B, dietary fibers and minerals in greater amounts than can be seen in other grains. Its origins are from the Andean region of northwestern South America.

Now, we will look at rice. Rice is a seed grain which has two species. There is the Oryza glaberrima, also known as African rice and Oryza sativa, also known as Asian rice. It is a monocotyledon which is normally grown as an annual plant though it is known to survive as a perennial plant in tropical regions.

Now that we are done with their definitions, we will move over to comparisons. Why do some people prefer Quinoa over rice? Why do some others prefer rice over Quinoa?


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