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8 Simple Tips to Lower Cortisol Levels

Go for Gentle Exercise

The level at which your cortisol attains depends on the intensity of your workouts. The cortisol is noticed to increase shortly after an intense exercise. During the day, these levels may spike higher, while declines later at night. [2]

The cortisol increases to support your body with the current workout challenge. Further, the stress hormone response size reduces with religious training. For vigorous exercises, about 80% of optimal breath in oxygen, even if engaged for about 30 minutes still shows an increase in the level of cortisol. Also, the same result will be experienced for someone performing a consistent long-time exercise. However, workout with lower intensity such as yoga can help reduce the levels of your stress hormone by keeping the stress response deactivated, and also, decrease norepinephrine, and heightening parasympathetic activity.