10 Gallbladder Attack Symptoms

The gallbladder is basically a small sack located below the liver, in your upper abdomen. This part is responsible for storing gall or bile produced by your liver, which is important to break down fat cells and absorb some types of vitamins from foods. Also known as biliary colic, acute cholecystitis, or gallstone attack, a gallbladder attack is often caused by many issues such as pneumonia, peptic ulcer, hepatitis, heartburn, kidney stone, or a hiatal hernia. Below are the top 10 gallbladder attack symptoms you need to watch out for.

1Loss of Appetite

One of the most common signs of gallbladder attacks in many people is loss of appetite. This is mainly because the aggravation of your biliary pain might result in reduced interests in foods. Also, nausea or vomiting after each large meal could lower the consumption of nutrients and minerals in your body. In most cases, this often leads to weight loss. But when the condition gets worse, the bile duct could be blocked, thus causing painful feelings. It is a good idea to visit your doctor as soon as you notice this sign. [1]


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