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12 Gallbladder Diseases Symptoms You Should Know

The body is a fantastic structure that encompasses different organs in perfect strategic locations and various sizes and shapes. All these organs are connected in such a way that they are all needed to keep the human body active. A slight malfunction or problem with even the minutest organ result in complications that render the human host uncomfortable and sick. One of those small organs that seem to be insignificant but still important is the gallbladder. The gallbladder is a small organ in the form of a pear that is located on the right side of your abdomen directly beneath your liver. This organ is a sac that contains a fluid called bile. Bile performs two functions of digesting and absorbing fat and eliminating waste products like bilirubin from the body. The gallbladder can develop several complications that alter its function. Below are some of the symptoms of gallbladder diseases.

Right Upper Quadrant Pain

The bike is located at the right side of the abdomen, just directly under the liver. Hence, when you are diagnosed with gallbladder diseases, you feel the pain in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen. The pain can be very consistent or can keep appearing and leaving. This pain is mostly triggered by foods high in fat. The fats which cannot be absorbed by the bile squeezes the bile, and you experience pains from this squeezing. There are different types of gallbladder diseases. The symptom of right upper quadrant pain is associated with all types of gallbladder disease, and it is the most common symptom. [1]