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Signs & Symptoms of Stomach Ulcer

Gastric ulcers or stomach ulcers are painful sores in your stomach lining. This is a form of peptic ulcer disorder, which affects both the small intestines and stomach. It often happens when the thick mucus layer that protects the stomach against digestive acids is damaged. As a result, digestive juices would eat away tissues lining your stomach and cause an ulcer. Fortunately, it is easy to cure stomach ulcers, but the key is to treat early. Here are 10 symptoms of stomach ulcers that you need to look for.


One of the most obvious and telling symptoms of a stomach ulcer is the nauseous feeling. This is because ulcers could change the chemistry and components of digestive acids in the stomach. As a result, it might make you feel a little bit queasy, particularly in the early morning. Even though digesting foods is usually a painful task when you are suffering from a stomach ulcer, many people say that nausea could subside with a little grub in the stomach. Also, there are some prescription medications to help alleviate this sign. Just make sure to consult your doctor before taking it. [1]