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15 Foods that Cause Constipation

Constipation is a very common health issue in which people might have fewer than 3 bowel movements each week. Some accompanying symptoms include pain when passing, gas, or bloating. It might be caused by many reasons, such as some supplements and medications, a lack of exercise, ignoring to go. Your daily diet can also the main culprit as some foods can be harder for your digestive system to process. If you are experiencing constipation, it is better to avoid the following 15 foods as they would worsen the symptoms.


Persimmons can be found mostly in Eastern Asia. While there are many varieties, there are two main groups: astringent and sweet. This type of fruit contains a high level of tannins, a substance that can reduce gut contractions and secretions. As a result, consuming them too much would slow down your bowel movements and cause constipation. Astringent varieties often contain more tannins, thus having more serious effects on your digestive system. Thus, it is better to avoid eating persimmons if you have constipation. A useful tip is to go for bigger ones as they might have fewer tannins. [1]