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Four Great Food Combos for Weight Loss

Calorie and Weight Loss

We all know there is a correlation between diet and weight, but how are they related? Generally speaking, controlling the calorie intake in a diet is most effective in weight loss. However, numerous factors such as age, gender, weight, height, and activity level can affect calorie amount, causing significant obstacles for people to calculate the calories they should eat. Those unable to figure out how many calories they should exactly eat can refer to the dietary guidelines for Americans published by the U.S Department of Agriculture to make a balanced diet plan with reasonable food combinations. According to the USDA, the required daily calories for women are:

  •  Women aged 19-30 years old            2,000–2,400 calories
  •  Women aged 31-59 years old    1,800–2,200 calories
  •  Women over 60 years old       1,600–2,000 calories

The required daily calories for men are:

  •  Men aged 19-30 years old         2,400–3,000 calories
  •  Men aged 31-59 years old       2,200–3,000 calories
  •  Men over 60 years old          2,000–2,600 calories [2]