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5 Health Benefits of Choline

Choline is a form of B vitamin with many essential roles in the body. It is involved in nerve and cell signaling, energy metabolism, as well as cholesterol and fat transport. Moreover, the element is necessary for the production of acetylcholine, a substance in the brain that regulates muscle and memory. While the body is able to generate choline, you need to take it from the diet. Many supplements are also available to ensure sufficient dosages. Below are 5 health benefits of choline that you should know.

Benefit Mental Health

Recent studies have shown that choline supplements can help treat several mental issues. The substance plays a role in regulating and lowering blood levels, which are associated with anxiety and depression. In addition, it ensures proper blood flow to different brain areas, thus improving mood and mental functions. That is why many doctors tend to prescribe choline supplements for bipolar disorder and similar conditions. Those people who take them regularly report improved symptoms and reduced duration in the long term. [1]