6 Non-Negligible Facts About Children’s Seizures

6So, what you should exactly need to know by heart?

Once the seizure is ended, make sure that the persons are breathing normally, and then put them in the recovery position illustrated in the figure (9).

•    Sit beside the child; place his arm that is towards you bent at the elbow in a right angle to the child body and the palm faces up.

•    By your hand, bring the other child arm across his body to the side facing you, and turn his hand so that the back of the child’s hand now inside your palm. Gently put the back of his hand under his cheek to support it. N.B. Make sure there aren’t any accessories in the child’s fingers or arm in order to prevent scratches, injuries, or any possible harm.

•    Left up the leg on your contrary side, pull it up and towards you with the knee bent and his foot stands comfortably on the floor. Gently grasp the whole leg while you are holding the knee bent by your other hand, pull it towards your side so that it is now facing the other side and the child lies on his side.

•    Make sure that the child is balanced and ensure the airways patency and the child normal breathing.

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