10 Causes of Stroke You Need to Know

Stroke is one of the diseases infamous among seniors all over the world. Well, almost everyone thinks it is associated with the aged alone, but it is quite saddening to inform you that several cases of stroke associated with youths, children and even babies, have been recorded. Stroke, also known as a cerebrovascular accident is damage to the brain as a result of 2 reasons: interruption of blood flow (ischemic stroke) or rupturing of blood vessels and bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic stroke). These two factors that lead to stroke are triggered by many things which many of us do not take cognizance of. Here, we will be looking at the causes of stroke. [1]

1Tobacco Smoking

Almost half of the world’s population, if not more is guilty of this hazardous habit. Not because this half does not know the danger attached to smoking, but because a habit is not so easy to drop behind. The reason health practitioners keep warning against smoking is that tobacco contains a harmful substance called nicotine which raises blood pressure. Smoking causes a fatty buildup in your main neck artery. If this fatty substance breaks off, it can accidentally obstruct the blood vessels that take blood to your brain and result in a stroke. Cigarette smoke also thickens your blood and cause it to clot. [2]


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