What is Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome?

2Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome

A victim of narcissistic abuse syndrome has been brainwashed into thinking the way the narcissist wants him/her to think. Such a person would be bothered about what the narcissist thinks of them, how they could please the narcissist, and so forth. At times of disagreement, the narcissist may triumph by blaming them for something, calling them names, and making out that they don’t feel loved by the person. These subtle use of words are the main contents of the narcissist’s emotional manipulation toolbox. On a fair day, the victim’s mind is totally shifted from the faults of their narcissist partner. What the victim is only concerned with is how they could adapt to fit into the other person’s world. Narcissistic abuse syndrome is a serious problem that deserves prompt addressing. It manifests in various ways, including:

— You ostracize yourself from the outside world, and other people.

— A heightened level of service, or an overly vigilant attitude.

— You can hardly sleep or focus properly.

— The presence of certain memories that remind you of emotional or physical trauma.

— An aversion to other people, and a negative self-concept.

— Reminders, flashbacks, nightmares, or other such events that bring up the memory afresh.

Many of these symptoms resemble those of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Now, narcissistic abuse is not only seen in a romantic relationship, but rather in all relationship spheres. Some parenting strategies also take the form of narcissistic abuse, where a parent tries to emotionally dominate the child. [2]

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