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10 Natural Ways to Relieve Pain

Whenever we have a backache, mouth sore, or any other form of pain, the first response is to take a painkiller pill. However, many drugs would lead to interactions, side effects, or even addiction. Fortunately, there are many natural options to help you seek temporary relief from medical conditions. A lot of spices and herbs can provide numbing effects, while practices like yoga and acupuncture can also offer the same results. Let’s take a look at the top 10 natural ways to relieve pain and make you feel better.


Whole cloves are a popular spice to add in rice and meat dishes, while ground cloves can be used in many pie recipes. But apart from their culinary benefits, they can also be used as a medicine in the form of powder, oil, or capsule. This herb would help you alleviate the pain caused by many conditions, such as toothaches, arthritic inflammation, and headaches. Also, you can use it to deal with colds, nausea, or fungal infection. All of these benefits can be attributed to eugenol, the active ingredient in cloves with pain-relieving properties. [1]