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Common Facts about Fibro Scan


No Food or Liquids (including water) for 3 hours prior to the procedure.


If you consume alcohol socially please abstain from alcohol 2-3 weeks prior to Fibro scan

If you consume alcohol daily, please abstain from alcohol eight weeks prior to Fibro scan. [2]

Patients are asked to wear loose clothing and should be able to lie flat on an exam table for 10 minutes or more while the test is being confirmed.

Patients are asked not to consume any liquids or solids for a minimum of 3 hours before the test to increase the likelihood of obtaining reliable test results. The scan typically takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, but patients should plan on being here for 30 minutes to allow time for preparation. [3]

Now that we are done with the preparation for a Fibro scan which, of course, is to be strictly adhered to, we will now move over to what it is you are to expect before and on arrival for a Fibro scan test.