10 Facts of Ischemic Stroke

2Types of Ischemic Stroke

In general, ischemic stroke can be divided into two main types: thrombotic stroke and embolic stroke.

– A thrombotic stroke happens when a thrombus or blood clot forms in the artery that transports blood to your cognitive system. This blockage prevents the oxygen-rich blood from flowing to some important brain areas. As a result, it leads to many serious damages to brain cells. A thrombotic stroke can be preceded by one or even more attacks of sudden ischemic attacks, which are also called TIAs or mini-strokes.

– An embolic stroke happens when a wandering clot or embolus forms in either the neck arteries or heart o. After that, it would be transported in the bloodstream in which it would block a blood vessel in or directing to the brain. [2]

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