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10 Benefits of Pet Therapy

Pet therapy, also known as animal-assisted therapy or AAT, is a special method that involves guided interactions between a trained animal and a person. The main goal is to aid in recovery from or coping with a mental issue or health problem. Some common animals used for this process include cats, dogs, pigs, fish, horses, and more. The selected category will depend on the therapeutic purposes of the treatment plan. Below are 10 scientific-based benefits of pet therapy that everyone should know.

Alleviate Depression

Petting, caring for, or playing with an animal is proved to provide many positive effects on your mental health. During the therapy session, your brain will release a chemical called endorphin. This component would counteract reactions of the body to pain by creating a sense of well-being and pleasure. As a result, you would feel less stressed and depressed. In addition, pet therapy would be a great opportunity for people with depression to interact and have fun with cute dogs or cats. As such, they would be distracted from negative thoughts and relax their mind. [1]