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Suspicious Breast Lump – Symptoms, Causes and More

Symptoms of a Benign Breast Lumps and a Cancerous Breast Lump

A benign or harmless breast lump tends to be squishy. It should feel like a rubber ball that is soft, tender and have well-defined borders. You can easily move them around as well. In many cases, this type of lump may be caused by an infection of the breast, which would also lead to swelling, redness, body aches, chills, or fever. Most of these symptoms are not linked to cancer. [3]

A cancerous breast lump is typically very firm. It may have an unusual size and shape. In addition, the mass would be fixed but mobile, meaning that it feels like it is attached to the nearby tissue or skin. Pushing on it cannot really move it around. You may feel pain as well, but it does not occur in every case. Some other changes may occur, such as enlarged lymph nodes around the armpit, inward-turning nipples, or skin dimpling. Exact signs and symptoms depend on the affected area and type of breast cancer. [4]