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Suspicious Breast Lump – Symptoms, Causes and More

What Is Breast Lumps and How Normal Breasts Should Feel?

A breast lump is a mass in the breast. It may be a bump, bulge, protuberance, or localized swelling that looks or feels different from other surrounding tissues. There are many reasons for the development of a breast lump. Most cases are harmless, but it would also indicate the presence of cancer. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor as soon as possible to evaluate the lump and get a precise diagnosis. [1]

The consistency of breast tissues can vary. The inner-lower areas should feel a bit soft, while the upper-outer areas should be firmer. In women, the breasts may become lumpy or tenderer during the menstrual cycle. When people become older, their breasts usually become less dense. It is necessary to know how your breasts should feel normally and be aware of abnormal changes. However, health experts do not recommend examine the breasts yourself. Instead, notice any unusual problems and talk with your doctor to get the best advice. [2]