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Ovulation Pain or Mittelschmerz – 8 Things You’ll Want to Know

Ovulation pain is a common occurrence during the menstrual cycle during the actual ovulation process. The pain associated with it happens to 1 in 5 women as studied by Medline Plus. Rachel Gurevich reports 50% of all women will have ovulation pain at least once in their lives and 20% of women will have it monthly while menstruating. The following article will discuss the facts surrounding ovulation pain and how you can get ahead of it.

What is Ovulation?

Ovulation is the event in which the body signals for a release of an egg for fertilization. It begins between the first and second stage of the menstrual cycle. At the end of the follicular phase after FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) stimulated and once the follicle matures, there is a rise in estrogen consequently triggering the release of LH (luteinizing hormone). Exposure to these two hormones triggers the start of ovulation, in which the ovary then releases an ovum, or mature egg, that travels via the Fallopian tubes where it will be available for fertilization.