Imatinib Mesylate – Uses, Side Effects, and More

1What Is Imatinib Mesylate?

Imatinib mesylate, sold under the brand-name Gleevec, is a type of tyrosine kinase inhibitor. It is usually prescribed for treating several forms of blood cancers in both children and adults. In general, imatinib may bind to an intracellular pocket in tyrosine kinases, thus limiting ATP binding. Doctors would also suggest this medication for other diseases, such as gastrointestinal or skin cancer. Imatinib mesylate is available in the tablet form that you would take it orally. [1]

What Is Imatinib Mesylate Used For?

As a type of tyrosine kinase inhibitors, imatinib mesylate works by inhibiting the action of the abnormal protein triggering cancerous cells to grow. Its main use is to treat several forms of leukemia, which affects the blood cells. Doctors may also prescribe this medication for tumors that develop in the walls of your digestive passages and would spread to other body parts. The drug can also be effective for treating dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans when the tumor cannot be removed with surgery, when cancerous cells come back after treatment, or when they have spread to other body parts. [2]


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