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High Platelet Count Blood Causes

Thrombocytes or platelets are blood cells that are responsible for clotting blood. When you have an injury or wound, these components will approach the affected areas and establish a clot or plug to prevent the bleeding from continuing. However, when the body produces more platelets than needed, it would lead to many health issues. Ideally, a platelet count that is more than 450,000 cells/microliter is typically considered to be high. Keep reading this guide to learn some common causes of high platelet count in blood and take necessary preventive measures.


The excessive consumption of some foods in your diet would increase platelet count in the blood. For instance, vitamin K in seaweed, liver, eggs, and many leafy greens such as broccoli, spinach, collards, and kale contain a lot of blood clotting properties. When you eat them a lot, vitamin K would raise the levels of blood platelet. Vitamine B9 or folate plays a key role in the process of dividing platelet cells. Therefore, when you take in a lot of this substance in cereals, spinach, oranges, or asparagus, it would boost the division of platelet and raise its count. Similarly, watch out the intake of your omega-3 fatty acids in eggs, plant oil, and fish as they would also cause similar effects. [1]