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Heat Rash in Infants and Children

Types of Heat Rash

Heat rashes can be divided into the following types:

– Miliaria Rubra: This is the most common form of heat rash. It occurs when the sweat duct is inflamed and becomes red. This causes mild itching and a stinging sensation.

– Miliaria Profunda: This type of heat rash is a bit deeper. It often occurs in kids with recurrent rashes that affect the dermis. The bumps tend to be harder than simple rashes.

– Miliaria Crystallina: This type is caused when sweat ducts are blocked and ruptured. Typical signs often show up on the upper chest, head, or neck.

– Miliaria Pustulosa: This term refers to an infectious heat rash. The bumps might be surrounded by red color with a yellow pus when draining. [2]