Ewing Sarcoma – Diagnosis & Treatment

Ewing sarcoma is a rare form of cancer occurring in bones or surrounding soft tissues. It tends to start in the long bones of your arms, legs, or pelvis, but the condition would also happen in any area. Ewing sarcoma is more common in young people and teenagers. Since this is a dangerous disease, early diagnosis is necessary to increase the survival rate. Major advancements in recent years have considerably improved the overall outcomes. Read on to learn more about diagnostic and treatment options for Ewing sarcoma.

1Ewing Sarcoma Diagnosis

Bone Scan

A bone scan is a form of imaging test that can be used to find out bone injuries and diseases. The doctor might suggest this technique when he or she suspects a bone infection, arthritis, cancer, or fracture. During the process, a small needle will be injected into the vein so that several radiotracers or radioactive materials can be sent to the body. Those substances will help create clear pictures in the examined areas. Based on the results, your doctor would find out any problems around your bones and soft tissues. Abnormal bones tend to absorb radioactive materials quicker and lead to hot spots. [1]


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