7 Bladder Cancer Treatments

If you have been recently diagnosed with bladder cancer, it is essential to take your time being calm and processing the necessary information. While you might experience a variety of emotions, from disbelief to anger, you should be reassured and take the first steps to cope with the situation. Among these, choosing the right treatment is undoubtedly the most important tasks to optimize your health and recovery. The precise method would depend on many factors, particularly the grade and stage of the condition. Here are 7 bladder cancer treatments that your doctor might suggest.


Transurethral Resection Bladder Tumor or TURBT is often the first treatment for bladder cancer when the tumor is still within your bladder and hasn’t penetrated the muscular layer. The main goal is to get rid of the cancer cells and other tissues from the bladder wall.

In this surgery, the doctors will remove the tumor from your bladder by placing a thin, rigid device with a camera and light on it, also known as a resectoscope. The removed tissues will be then sent to the lab for examination.

It is often performed in an operating room and usually requires a second TURBT a few weeks later to make sure that all of the tumors are eliminated. The good news is that you could go home the next day or even the same day. There are some possible side effects after the surgeon such as discomfort during urinating or bleeding. However, these conditions are often mild and won’t last long. [1]


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