Common Types of Hernias

2Epigastric Hernia

An epigastric hernia typically appears in the epigastric area of the abdomen. This part is located below the ribcage and above the belly button. You can feel this bulge when pressure occurs as you are laughing, coughing, or having a bowel movement. Other possible symptoms include tenderness or pain around the affected area. However, many cases have only minor or even no symptoms. It is quite common in both children and adults. It is also reported in infants. [2]

Incisional Hernia

An incisional hernia often appears after you went through stomach surgery, which involves making an incision in the middle of your stomach. When the wound does not heal completely, you are more susceptible to this health issue. Many doctors often use the terms “incisional hernia” and “ventral hernia” interchangeably. However, not all ventral hernias are actually incisional hernias. The most noticeable sign is a bulge around the incision site. Other symptoms include vomiting, nausea, fever, aching or burning sensation, diarrhea, constipation, faster heartbeat, or narrow stool. [3]

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