Hernia Treatment Options

A hernia happens when there is a hole or weakness in the peritoneum. This is the muscular wall that helps keep your abdominal organs in place. The health condition would make these tissues and organs push through, thus leading to a bulge. You can notice this lump while lying down. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with this problem. Read on to learn some common treatment options for a hernia.

1Open Surgery

Open surgery is the most common treatment option for a hernia. During this process, the doctor first needs to separate the surrounding tissues from the hernia. After that, he or she will push your intestines back to the abdominal cavity or remove your hernia sac. Strong stitches are used to close weakened abdominal muscles. After the surgery, many people often feel weakness around their abdominal muscles. Your doctor might help prevent this problem by sewing a mesh around the abdominal wall, which can be effective in strengthening the area and preventing a hernia from relapsing. [1]


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