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10 Common Hernia Symptoms

A hernia often happens when an organ in your body pushes through the opening in the tissue or muscle which keeps it in place. The intestines, for instance, might break through the abdominal wall and cause some health issues. The hernia is most common in your abdomen, but it could also occur in other areas such as the groin, belly button, and upper thigh. While most hernias are not immediately life-threatening, early detection and treatment can reduce the risks of dangerous complications. Here are the top 10 hernia symptoms you need to know.


One of the most obvious symptoms of hernia is a pain, ranging from mild to severe, especially if left untreated. At the early stages, the hernia would be painless, but an increased pressure in the abdomen area could be worsened when you bend over to do something. These arching and pain feelings would be gradually exacerbated with exerting movements like lifting, carrying heavy items, bending over, or sitting for an extended period. In severe cases, your blood supply could be cut off and cause serious health issues. Thus, do not ignore when you face pain around the abdomen area. [1]