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Inguinal(Groin) Hernia – Symptoms and Causes

An inguinal hernia typically happens when tissue in the intestine pushes through a weak area in your abdominal muscles. This leads to a painful bulge, particularly when you lift an object, bend over, or cough. Both women and men can have inguinal canals. Due to the small size and harmless symptoms, many people do not seek treatments. However, prompt medical intervention would help prevent further discomfort and protrusion. Below are some common symptoms and causes of inguinal hernia you should know.

4 Symptoms of Inguinal Hernia


The most common symptom of an inguinal hernia is a bulge in the groin area. You can easily check it by taking off all clothing and look at the waist in a mirror. Put two fingers around your waist and try to cough. Notice any bulge that comes out while you are doing it. Another option is to hold the breath and contract the abdomen as if you were in the bathroom. When the bulge progresses, it might become more visible in an upright position. You would even have swelling in the lower abdomen, which spreads to the scrotum. [1]