Common Types of Hernias

Hernias are bulges that occur when body tissues push the rough muscle’s wall that hold them in. They often affect the abdominal area, between the hip and chest bones. Sometimes they also appear in the groin and belly areas. You might notice a hernia as a soft lump, which might go away when you lie down or press on it. Lifting heavy objects, bending over, or coughing may make it more painful. Below are 6 common types of hernias that you need to know.

1Femoral Hernia

In generals, muscles are strong enough to ensure the organs and intestines are in the right place. Nevertheless, the intra-abdominal tissues may push through a weak area in the muscle. A femoral hernia occurs when a part of tissue penetrates the wall of your femoral canal, which houses the nerves, small veins, and femoral artery. It may appear as a bulge around the thigh or groin. The risk is higher in women than in men. But in general, this type is not common. It is still unclear about the exact cause of the femoral hernia. Some possible risk factors include lifting heavy objects, chronic constipation, childbirth, chronic coughing, difficult urination, or obesity. [1]


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