10 Ways to Ease Back Pain

Back pain is very common in many people. While this condition could be relatively uncomfortable it often goes away itself after several weeks of home treatment. The problem is that it tends to recur due to many factors, such as uncoordinated movements, heavy lifting, or diseases such as spinal curvature, osteoporosis, or arthritis. If you are experiencing this health issue, here are 10 common remedies to ease your back pain.

1Cold and Heat

Cold and heat can be effective in relieving your back pain. You can use ice packs to get temporary alleviation right after an injury. Make sure to put ices into a cloth or towel to prevent irritation or skin burn. Just place the wrapped pack to the affected area on your back to reduce inflammation. Also, the cold would bring a numbing effect for intense and sudden back pain. Similarly, a heating pad could help you relieve achy or stiff muscles. Just make sure to check the temperature carefully and read its instructions before starting to avoid burning your skin with heat. [1]


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