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10 Signs & Symptoms of Fibroids

Women generally are creatures who go through lots of complicated phenomenons starting from the puberty stage, down to reproductive years, and then menopause. There are the excruciating pains of menstruating, weakening, and uncomfortable release of blood, and the almost-killing pangs of labor and childbirth – just to mention a few. Now, asides these general phenomenons, there are some unexplainable complications related to women. One of those complications is Fibroid.

Fibroids are benign muscular tumors that grow in the walls of the uterus. They rarely grow in girls who have not reached puberty or in women after menopause. This means it is common among women in their reproductive years. While some women are fortunate enough not to have encountered this growth in their lifetime, some have it to battle with immediately they hit reproductive years. Amazingly, most women with fibroid do not have symptoms, but in a situation where symptoms are present, they can include:

Heavy, long and painful periods

Every woman has her own share of the discomfort periods bring. Believe me; this do-or-die monthly visitor is dreaded by most women not to mention abnormally long, heavy and painful ones. The heavy, prolonged and painful periods is one of the quick-to-notice symptoms of fibroids. This happens as a result of the fact that fibroids are likely to increase the surface area of the uterus, which means there will be more lining to be shed, resulting in a heavier flow. Also, a thicker lining of the womb will require more effort to shed. This effort is what brings about the excruciating menstrual pain in women with fibroids. However, there are different types of fibroids, and not all kinds are associated with this symptom. [1]