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10 Tips to Maintain Healthy Toenails

With all the running and walking every day, the feet are among the most frequently used and abused body parts. However, many people often neglect their toenail health. It is very important to keep them in a good condition. Any problems like discolorations, dents, ridges, or cracks might indicate an underlying health issue. In this article, we will list the top 10 useful tips to maintain healthy toenails.

Washing Regularly

Feet and toenails tend to become sweatier and dirtier than other body parts because you have to walk and run during the day. Thus, it is necessary to ensure personal hygiene and wash them regularly. At least, you should wash your feet when showering at night after a day at work or school. This does not only ensure good hygiene but also keeps your space always clean. Wash your toenails and feet with warm water and soap, which can be effective in removing bacteria, dirt, and sweat. [1]