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10 Common Heartburn(Acid Reflux) Symptoms

Heartburn is an uncomfortable burning or hot feeling in your central chest. It’s caused by acid reflux. In some cases, it would be very painful and can disrupt your normal life. This is actually a very common health issue that affects millions of people each month. Heartburn could be caused by many factors such as foods, medications, smoking, obesity, or even pregnancy. If left untreated and become chronic, it could result in complications such as pneumonia. Thus, it is important to look for the following top 10 heartburn symptoms and get proper treatments.


Bloating, or the excess gas in your stomach is one of the most common signs of heartburn in most people. This issue is also caused by stomach acids and might lead to uncomfortable pressure in your abdomen. However, keep in mind that it is a common symptom of many other health conditions. Thus, make sure to visit your healthcare provider as soon as you notice to get a precise diagnosis. If left untreated, bloating could result in more severe conditions. [1]