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Tips that Help Slim Down Your Calves

The Causes of Big Calves

Have you ever wondered the reasons for your thick calves? In fact, many factors might contribute to bigger-than-average calves. First of all, you can have genetic predisposition for big calves because the genes you inherit from your parents play an important role in how calves grow and shape. Secondly, excess intake of sodium is another culprit of swollen calves. According to the author of The Clinician’s Guide to the Treatment of Obesity, consuming sodium-heavy meals will destroy the fluid balance in your body and lead to fluid retention in calves. In addition, bad habits like smoking and prolonged sitting are closely related to huge calves. Last but not the least, wrong workouts, for example, some high-impact exercises, can also bulk up your calves.

So, how to slim down your calves? The article will introduce some tips that help your calves become toned. Keep reading to find more details. [1]