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Vitamins and Supplements for Migraines


If you’ve had a terrible migraine, you’d be familiar with the discomfort that comes with it. The pounding, flickering throbbing pain, behind the head, the increased sensitivity to light or noise, are some of the indications of a migraine. No matter the intensity of migraines, they certainly affect how we attend to our daily affairs since you can’t seem to function at your best with a migraine or headache pounding in your head. People experience migraines in different ways, and thus it is logical to think that treatment methods would proportionately differ from person to person.

Most people know the prescription drugs used for relieving migraines, but are oblivious of the natural treatment options. You’d like to remember that the aforesaid drugs don’t relieve your migraine without, at least, a fair share of side effects to add to it. This is the reason for the growing concerns with regards to prescription drugs for migraines, and the strings of research into discovering natural ways of managing them. Now, it is clear that migraines can be combated with the aid of some foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals and natural supplements. However none of these natural supplements and vitamins have been proven to give a universal approval in relieving migraine in almost everyone. This has been linked to the fact stated earlier, that everyone’s migraine is unique.

Read on to find some vitamins and supplements that may help when you feel one of those terrible migraines again.