Can Nipple Stimulation Induce Labor?

1What Is Nipple Stimulation and Why Do We Need to Induce Labor?

As the name implies, nipple stimulation is a technique that involves massaging the nipples manually. This can be done by rubbing or rolling the areas with the help of a breast pump. Another option is to have a partner or a nursing child suck on your nipples to stimulate them. This is one of some nonmedical methods that full-term pregnant women may use to start their labor process. [1]

In some cases, pregnant women need to induce labor medically. These include:

– The pregnancy is already past the expected due date

– There are several concerns with the growth of the baby

– The pregnant women have certain risk factors, such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure

– Contractions or labor have not started even when the water has broken

– Some problems with the pregnancy, such as placenta issues, infections, or low amniotic fluid

Labor inductions in these cases often involve medical procedures or medications, and should be done by healthcare professionals. [2]


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