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Top 15 High Purine Food

Purine is a substance that can be naturally produced in the body. The problem is that it can be broken down into uric acid and eventually lead to the formation of crystals, which would accumulate in the joints and trigger inflammation or pain. This health condition is known as a gout attack or attack. It is important to know that purine can be found in many foods and drinks. That’s why it is important to limit the consumption of these top 15 high purine foods in your daily meals.

Organ Meat

Organ meats are the organs of those animals that we can prepare and eat as food. They are especially high in purine and can increase the risk of developing a gout attack. Therefore, it is important to eat those foods in moderation. The most commonly consumed organ meats often come from ducks, chickens, goats, lambs, pigs, and cows. Some special organs with higher levels of purine include tripe, tongue, brains, kidneys, sweetbread, and liver. Ideally, you should not consume more than 4 ounces of organ meat on a daily basis. Look for alternative plant-based sources to improve your health condition. [1]