10 Super Easy to Digest Foods

Foods with a lower amount of fiber are easy to digest. Although fiber is a healthy part of your diet, it’s a part of grains, fruits, and vegetables which is not digestible by your body. This results in lots of fiber passing through the large intestine, which leads to a wide range of issues, from bloating to gas to difficult-to-pass stool. Consuming food that low fiber content reduces the quantity of undigested material in the body and may alleviate your symptoms.

Foods that can be easily digested can be helpful in dealing with several conditions and symptoms. This often includes temporary nausea, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, diverticulitis, and inflammatory bowel disease.


Rice is only made up of carbs, which makes it very easy to digest. Although white rice is not as healthier as brown rice, the body takes longer to digest brown rice compared to the other variety. This is because brown rice consists of all grain parts, including the germ and bran, which are the most fibrous and nutritious parts.

In contrast, white rice already has this grain part removed. Although it does not include lots of nutrition, it is easily converted to sugar; thanks to its low fiber content.

Also, letting your rice cool after boiling makes it difficult to digest. When the rice cools, the starchy contents are converted into resistant starch. This means the rice has become resistant to digestion. [1]


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