Why Do You Have Cold Sores?


Being tired makes you open to attack to fever blisters. Just as illness and stress, fatigue can result in a weak immune system response, which makes you vulnerable to their attacks and lead to blisters outbreaks. However, there is a simple solution to this problem – enough rest!

Sadly, several factors contribute to getting a miserable night’s sleep, from stress, wrong bedding choice, and large intake of caffeine. Fortunately, there are some lifestyle changes you can adopt to help improve your overall sleep quality. One of the most ignored factors is your bedding, having the wrong mattress or pillow may make you uncomfortable and interrupt your precious sleep.

Also, create a sleep-promoting environment by removing all electronic screens from your bedroom, and try as much as possible to stick to your sleeping cycle. More importantly, consume foods like beans, veggies, and lean proteins, which are linked to promoting better sleep experience. [3]

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