Sore Tongue – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

A sore tongue might lead to many health issues that would disrupt your life, such as dry mouth, burning sensation, or pain. This condition can be triggered by many causes, including infections, biting, or burning the tongue. Fortunately, it isn’t a serious problem in many cases. There are many treatment options to deal with different causes and symptoms. Read on the learn more about some basic causes, symptoms, and treatment options for a sore tongue.

16 Causes of Sore Tongue


Inflammation is the main cause of a sore tongue. It is triggered when your body is experiencing an infection and developing some swollen areas. For instance, oral thrush is a common form of yeast infection that might lead to tongue pain. You might notice white spots like cottage cheese on the surface. This condition is more common in older adults and babies, particularly who have compromised immune systems or wear a denture. In most cases, antibiotics are often the first-line treatment for inflammation. Other infections that might cause inflammation and sore tongue include syphilis, human papillomavirus, and mouth, foot, or hand disease. [1]


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