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15 Gum Pain Remedies You Need to Know

Gums are typically delicate tissues which could extremely sensitive to infections, inflammation, and temperatures. Thus, they are prone to many problems such as sore, tender, or bleeding gums. The severity can range from minor to serious for your overall and oral health. In most cases, these issues could make you feel painful and annoying, making it difficult to talk or chew food. Fortunately, you can treat gum pain easily with some simple options. Here are the top 15 gum pain remedies that you can try.

Oral Gel

There are many types of medicated oral gels available on the market that could help alleviate your gum pain. These products typically contain synthetic or natural components like Spilanthes or clove, which could deal with numbs and inflammation. Some common OTC options include Anbesol and Orajel. Keep in mind to use them sparingly and follow the package instructions. Avoid using more than the recommended dose or giving your kids products with benzocaine. Keep in mind that these gels are not anti-microbial and will not affect your infection. [1]