Hypoxia and Hypoxemia – Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

When the level of oxygen in your body is low, you would suffer from hypoxia or hypoxemia. While hypoxia affects your tissues, hypoxemia occurs in the blood. These are typically dangerous medical conditions that require immediate treatments. Otherwise, your liver, brain, and other important damages won’t get sufficient oxygen for proper operation. This would eventually lead to permanent damages and even cause death. Keep reading this guide to learn more about the symptoms, treatments, and causes of hypoxia and hypoxemia.

15 Symptoms of Hypoxia and Hypoxemia


One of the most common symptoms of both hypoxia and hypoxemia is excessive coughing. This condition often starts out mild and increases in severity when it progresses. In addition, you might experience worse coughing after waking up in the morning. In most cases, it would persist for many months or even years. Some people report the presence of a small amount of yellow or clear mucus as hypoxia and hypoxemia might result in increased production of mucus, which eventually triggers further coughing as a way to clear mucus. [1]


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