Croup – Symptoms and Causes

Croup is an infectious disease occurring in the upper airway. It causes an obstruction that can lead to a barking cough or difficulty breathing. The condition mostly affects the bronchial tubes, windpipe, and voice box. Croup often happens in young children. It is often harmless and can be treated with some home remedies. Read on to learn more about typical symptoms and causes of this health condition.

17 Symptoms of Croup

Barking Cough

The most typical symptom of croup is a barking cough. Unlike other types, it is a dry and harsh cough that is quite similar to the noises made by a barking seal. This condition occurs when the upper airway is inflamed and swollen by the infection. While the symptom can be found in both children and adults, it is more common and especially serious in kids under 3 years old. This is mainly because their respiratory system has not fully grown and is also smaller than that in adults. Therefore, make sure to visit a medical center as soon as possible to prevent further complications. [1]


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