10 Important Symptoms of Vasculitis

Vasculitis is a condition that causes inflammation in the blood vessels. As a result, the walls of the vessels may become thicker, which makes the passageway narrower. This restricts the blood flow and could lead to tissue and organ damage. There are different forms of vasculitis. The condition can be chronic or acute. Anyone can be at risk, though several forms are more prevalent among some age groups. Below are 10 important symptoms of vasculitis that you need to know.

1Weight Loss

People with vasculitis often experience a loss of appetite, which eventually leads to unexpected weight loss. You would feel like not wanting to eat as much as usual. You or your family might easily notice this sign. Check the weight yourself to see whether the weight comes off or notice when the clothes start becoming looser unexpectedly. Since weight loss might indicate the presence of many other health issues, it is better to visit your healthcare provider immediately to get a proper diagnosis. [1]


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