How We Start Erasing the Stigma Around HIV

1What Is HIV?

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus, a type of virus that causes damage to the cells in the immune system. As a result, it affects how the body fights against foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria. This increases the risk of getting diseases and infections. When the immune system has been seriously damaged by HIV, it may cause acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS. Currently, HIV/AIDS cannot be cured. However, some treatment options are available to increase the lifespan and help people live healthy life. [1]

What Is Stigma Around HIV?

HIV stigma includes negative or irrational judgments, behaviors, and attitudes to those who are at risk of or living with HIV. It may have many negative effects on the overall well-being and health of the affected. People with HIV may be discouraged from getting proper care, having access to treatment, and learning more about the condition. In addition, HIV stigma would prevent them from communicating with others, especially sex partners or family about HIV and associated problems. HIV stigma leads to discrimination and prejudice in every part of society, from communities and families to the workplace, education, and health care. Therefore, it is important to take measures to get rid of the stigma to end the epidemic. [2]


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