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10 Causes of Blood Infection (Septicemia)

Septicemia also called blood infection, is a high-risk illness that affects the bloodstream. It can result in sepsis if untreated. It originates from bacteria affecting or causing infections in other parts of a human body. The bacteria then enter the bloodstream causing blood poisoning. The blood is the vital fluid that carries nutrients, minerals, oxygen, antibodies and all the critical components around the body. Blood poisoning turns out as a dangerous illness as it carries the bacteria and toxins to all the organs of the body, causing extreme damage to the organs within a short time. To help you understand, here are the 10 causes of blood infection.


Bacteria is a pathogen that can cause disease. You find that we live amidst where bacteria causing different illnesses affect different individuals every day. There exist different bacteria that do not pose any danger. Some exist in the digestive system but do not cause any harm but help in food digestion. The most dangerous is the bacteria that can cause illness. Some bacteria will cause disease and also enter the bloodstream causing Septicemia. This is the most dangerous type of bacteria as blood poisoning is a fatal illness if not diagnosed and treated urgently. [1]