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Primary Ovarian Insufficiency – Causes, Risk Factors, Symptoms, Treatment and More

Causes of Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

Some possible causes of primary ovarian insufficiency include:

– Toxin exposure: Radiation therapy and chemotherapy for cancer treatment would increase the risk of this condition. These procedures would affect genetic components in the body cells. Other common toxins that would lead to primary ovarian insufficiency include viruses, pesticides, chemicals, or cigarette smoke.

– Chromosome mutations: Fragile X syndrome and mosaic Turner syndrome are two genetic conditions that would increase the risk of primary ovarian insufficiency.

– Autoimmune conditions may cause the immune system to attack ovarian cells, which damages the egg and egg-containing follicles. Scientists have not found the underlying cause of this immune response.

– Unclear causes: Most cases of primary ovarian insufficiency are caused by unknown elements. A doctor needs to implement several tests to find out what really cause the problem. [2]