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Foot Pain Treatments

The feet are quite complex with nearly 100 ligaments and muscles, 30 joints, and 26 bones. Each part plays an important role to help the body stay balanced and upright. More importantly, our feet serve as shock-absorbers, which support the body weight during daily activities. This makes them prone to injuries and pain due to repetitive movements or accidents. Fortunately, there are many ways to help ease the discomfort and keep your life continuing. Below are a few foot pain treatments to know.

Foot Strengthening Exercises

An effective way to prevent and treat foot pain is to keep your feet strong and flexible. Walking often is the simplest option to boost the strength of this part. Avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle. Some resistance exercises can help with this purpose as well. These include Achilles stretches, picking up marbles with the toes, or pulling a towel from the ground to you with feet when seated to strengthen and stretch arches. If necessary, use weights or bands to boost your feet strength and flexibility. [1]